Otford Parish Council

Multimedia Projector Bookings

The multimedia projector system is owned by the Parish Council and managed by a volunteer committee handling bookings, maintenance, etc. The funding of the project is a joint initiative by the Parish Council and the Village Fete committee.

The system is primarily intended for use by village organisations, but bookings will be accepted from outlying areas, please enquire.

What it's for / what can it do
It can be used for video shows, computer based presentations using software like Powerpoint. Please note any PC source needs to be provided.

How to book and availability.
Any hire charges will be confirmed at time of booking. Please check the Bookings Diary for availability and contacts. Hiring also depends on one of our trained operators being available.


Hitachi multimedia projector, 1024*768, 1800 lumens
Scart adaptor for composite, y/c and stereo audio
Composite cable with RCA phono plugs each end
Y/C cable, 4 pin miniDIN plugs each end
Audio cable, stereo, RCA phono plugs each end
Monitor cable for Windows PC/Laptop, 15 pin high density plug each end.
PC audio cable, 3.5mm stereo jack plug to 2 * RCA phono plugs
All in a metal carrying case
25m mains cable reel with 4 sockets
10 socket upright mains distribution pole
Nikko 75W stereo amplifier
2 * Celestion 70W cabinet loudspeakers with fitted loudspeaker cable
A tripod,  flat white screen, 5 ft square
Projector stand
A MAC laptop will need its own adaptor suitable for the monitor connection
The Memorial Hall and Club Room have pull down screens.

The equipment will be brought to the booking and operated by a member of the Projector Committee.
The booking organisation will provide their own VCR/DVD Player/PC or Laptop as required.  If this is a problem, please contact one of the booking committee.